1940s Carved Bone Bracelet and Earrings Set, Alaskan Artist signed, handmade, Little Diomede


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1940s Carved Bone Bracelet and Earrings Set, signed handmade Little Diomede

Amazing handmade set from the 1940s, signed by Alaskan artist.

Stretch bracelet made of carved bone. 12 panels with raised animals like a fox, polar bear, seal, walrus and whales. The bracelet is about 7/8 of an inch wide and will fit a wrist up to  7-1/2 inches. The earrings are screwback and about 5/8 of an inch with roaring polar bear on each.

The bracelet is signed 'Raleigh Ozenna Little Diomede' - the earrings are unsigned. 

Little Diomede is a tiny Alaskan island with a population of less than 200. There is only one small town on Little Diomede and since the island has a high flat top and very steep sides, the town is built down near the coast of the island. The only access to the island is by sea or helicopter. Sounds like they didn't have electricity until the 1970s. There is no sewerage and their running water is very limited. The Alaskan citizens made a living by hunting and carving ivory and bone and then selling or trading the skins and carvings in Nome.

The bracelet and earrings are in excellent condition.

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