5 Crochet Doilies, Pink, Aqua, Orange, Vintage Handmade, some flaws


5 Crochet Doilies, Pink, Aqua and Orange, Vintage Home 1960s, Handmade, some flaws

ERA- This item is from the 1950-60s 
CLEANING - has been hand washed and hung to dry

5 vintage handmade cotton crochet pieces, each with flaws.

20 x 14 inches - white with pink, some faint aging
17 x 12 inches - white with pink, some brown aging along one edge
10 x 13 inches - white with pink and aqua - age spot
29 x 15 inches - white with orange - appears to either have been cut or unfinished on the side edges
10 x 7 inches - white with orange - small piece that was two scarps roughly stitched together, also has unfinished edges. 




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Height 10.00
Depth 1.00