Antique Beaded Band, Iroquois Native American Burden Strap, 76 inches, early 1900s, AS IS


Antique Beaded Band, Iroquois Native American Burden Strap, 76 inches, early 1900s, AS IS

This piece was given to my parents by a couple from Oklahoma, otherwise I know nothing about it. It's obviously old and appears to be late 1800s to early 1900s.
It is a dark grey cotton twill fabric with white leather backing. It may have been cut down from something larger and made into this piece. You can see faint older machine stitching and then there is darker machine stitching that was very sloppily done with several buckles in the edge of the fabric. There is a slightly wider point in the center of the piece with 2 American flags. The rest of the beading is clear glass with red, pink, yellow, white and green beads.
The leather on the back has some handstitching along the pieced seams. The end has been sloppily stitched together.

It is about 76 inches around and 2-1/4 to 3-1/2 inches wide.
I did some research online, contacting several Native American collectors and beading specialists. I received several responses and several different opinions. It appears to be either Mohawk or Seneca beading. It could possibly be a burden strap that the Iroquois used to help carry items on their backs. But I don't know for sure, since I have no personal experience in handling pieces like this.
I'm selling it as found with no definitive identification or authentication. The piece is just hung on the mannequin for display, I don't know how it was actually used.

The piece is in Fair condition with obvious issues. But still makes a fairly nice display piece.
* There is dark staining throughout the grey cotton.
* As I mentioned above, the second machine stitching that was done is very sloppy with folds, buckles and gaps in the fabric.
* There are marks left behind from an older stitching line being removed.
* The center section is unsewn from the leather in a large area.
* The leather backing is worn, dirty and has dry and flaking areas. It also has areas of browning.
* There are two 1 inch holes in the cotton.
* There are areas of loose and missing beads throughout the piece.
* The end has been sloppily stitched together.




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