Antique Victorian Brown Silk Velvet Cape, 1880s with Grover Cleveland Flag inner Lining


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Antique Victorian Brown Silk Velvet Cape, 1880s with Grover Cleveland Flag inner Lining

ERA: 1800s
MEASUREMENTS: The cape is 17 inches long, 15-1/2 inch neck, 90 inches around the bottom
MATERIAL: very plush silk velvet
LABEL: none

This plush little cape feels like a super soft fur, but it is actually a plush silk velvet. It is a very dark brown, single hook at the front of the collar. Black cotton lining with a surprise under lining - through a small hole in the lining I could see blue and white fabric. Through a repair at the back of the neck I could see white stars on the blue. So I opened the lining in a 5 inch area along the bottom and turned the cape inside out. It is lined with 2 cut-up 1884 Grover Cleveland Presidential Campaign flags!!! One of the faces is the backside of the fabric. The flags have been cut and pieced in with the velvet.

CONDITION: The cape is in good condition. 
There is wear along the front of the collar and around the back edges and back seam of the collar. 
Some lightening of the brown on the collar and light wear around the bottom edge.
The hook on the front has a repair next to it and an area of fraying on the other side. 
There is a 2 inch patch at the back of the neck with an opening on it (where I was able to see inside and find the flags) plus a 1/4 inch hole near the bottom

The condition of the flags - Fair - they are aged and have large water stains on them. One is backwards so you are seeing the back of the fabric. They have been cut and sewn, so the pieces cannot be put back together again.
Just to be clear - when you look inside of the cape, you are going to see a black cotton lining. The flag lining is unseen, you have to turn the cape inside out through the black lining to see the flags.



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