'Modern Screen' magazine Sept. 1965 Liz Taylor, The Beatles, Jackie Kennedy, Astronaut Wives


'Modern Screen' magazine from September 1965, 88 pages

Old celebrity gossip magazine includes Louella Parson's 8 pages of gossip, Angie Dickinson's honeymoon, Marlon Brando's costody battle over son Christian, Julie Andrews, newcomer Robert Redford, Kim Novak, Jimmy Darren, Judy Garland, Sean Connery and more. 

With feature stories on the death of Judy Holiday, Debbie Reynolds, Jackie Kennedy, The Beatles (will they break up?) Hayley Mills, Patricia Neal's recovery, Rock Hudson (and the ghost that haunts him) James Garner (hands off ladies) Natalie Wood, Steve McQueen, Richard Burton (is he dying?) The Real Astronaut Wives, Ann Margret (we don't want babies, why get married?) Alain Delon, Samantha Eggar and more

The cover of the magazine is rough down the spine and torn most of the way down the spine, rough on outer edges. The inner pages are aged, but otherwise very good condition.




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