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Vintage 1950s Clear Lucite Box Purse with Carved Top, Parallelogram Box


Vintage Clear Lucite Box Purse with Carved Top, 1950s Parallelogram Handbag, Florida Handbags

ERA- This purse is from the 1950s
MEASUREMENTS - the purse is about 9 x 4 and 3 inches tall
LABEL - label inside is gone, but you can see where it was.
FABRIC - clear lucite plastic

All clear lucite purse with angled sides. The large flowers on the top are carved on the outside and the leaves are carved on the inside. Spiral clear handle. Silver tone metal fixtures at the base of the handles and the closure on the front. Clear base with 4 rounded plastic feet.

There is residue of a label on the inside, but the label is gone. I believe that the purse may be by Florida Handbags.

CONDITION - The purse is in very good condition. There is very light wear and minor scuffs. 
There are no cracks, no cloudiness and no yellowing in the lucite. 
The silver tone metal hardware on the front closure, and the base of the handle and the hinge on the back are dull and the shiny finish is worn off of them. 





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Height 10.00
Depth 1.00