Jacques Fath

Vintage Black Feather Hat 1950s Tilt Topper, Licensed Jacques Fath design


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Vintage Hat Jacques Fath Paris 1950s Black Feather Evening Hat 'Reproduction Authorsee'

This is an original hat from the 1950s.
The label inside is 'Reproduction Authorsee de Jacques Fath Paris' which means that it is a Jacques Fath design, that was licensed to other store to reproduce for themselves in the 1950s.
The hat is made of a sheer gathered nylon mesh with rounded sides, shallow crown, trimmed in black velvet piping. Two groups of long black feathers on one side.
Usually the label goes in the back when wearing a hat (feathers point straight back when worn this way) but this hat also has a little red thread stitched to the inside band that could possibly mark the back of the hat (feathers pointing to the left when worn with the red thread in the back)
I have it shown both ways and it could easily be worn either way.
The hat would fit any size head but it will require a hat pin to hold it in place.

The hat is in very good condition. There is one feather that has the top broken off and the broken piece is gone.
Another longer feather has a break near the end of the feather but it is still attached and flops around. You can tuck it in with the other feathers to hide it.

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Height 16.00
Depth 10.00