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I Buy Vintage

I Buy Vintage clothing

US Only - I'm located in the US, so I only buy from within the US because of shipping costs.

I am interested in buying vintage clothing and accessories. I am mainly interested in items coming from the clean-out of a house, or items from a family member or from storage. We might also be able to work out something if you go to estate sales and want to 'pick' for me - Pickers email me and I'll tell you what I want.

I am interested in pieces from the Victorian era to before the early 1960's. No 1970-80s stuff, 

  • Dresses - No double knit polyester fabric, no plastic zippers (unless it is a fantastic item)
  • Suits - mainly fitted styles
  • Separates - tops, blouses and lightweight jackets or skirts
  • Slips, bras, panties & nightgowns
  • Girdles and corsets
  • Boxed seamed stockings (must be unworn)
  • Purses - beaded or small evening bags, please no big clunky grandma bags
  • Shoes - they have to be in really-really good condition and from the 1950s or earlier (no square heels, no square toes)
  • Some men's and children's items from Victorian to 1950s

The items can be any sizes. Items must be in very good condition needing only very minimal cleaning or repairs - no stains, no holes, no fade, no underarm discolor. The exception would be for clothing from the 1930s and earlier, which of course are going to have more imperfections due to time. 

Please Email Carol - dvintage@comcast.net - to let me know what you have. 
Pictures help, if you can email or snail mail them to me (I will return snail mail photos) You don't have to take a single picture of each item - shoes set up in a line, or dresses hung in a row is fine for a picture. I don't need close shots, just basic photos so that I can see the style and era of what you have. 
Please have a price in mind for what you want for the items. Please keep in mind that I pay wholesale prices (which is a nice way to say that I am cheap) so you cannot go by what I charge for an item on my website, my selling price is determined by many factors. If we make a deal, I can pay you by PayPal, check or money order. You can ship the items to me, and I will pay for the shipping and insurance too. I cannot travel to see the items, unless you live within an hour or so of me.




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