Thanks for visiting my shop! I am Carol Baker, and I am the owner of Dandelion Vintage Clothing. My website has been online since 1997, and I work hard to keep a large variety of vintage items, at prices that are affordable enough for you to add some great vintage pieces to your own wardrobe or to your collection. There's alot to see on the site and new vintage stock is added every week. I have a nice selection of wearable vintage clothing from the 1930's to the mid 1960's, along with some Victorian, Edwardian & 1920s pieces. There is a nice selection of vintage lingerie and accessories like hats, gloves, bags and some fabrics & linens too. 

This virtual shop is run out of my house in Southern New Jersey in the US. I do not have a brick and mortar shop, and I cannot allow people to come to my house. I am a one girl team doing all of the buying, cleaning, ironing, measuring, maintaining the website, packing and shipping by myself (I'm a workaholic and a very tough boss) 

Please remember that these clothes are vintage, they are at least 30 years old, and they most likely have been worn previously. I only sell true vintage clothing, not clothing that is 'vintage style' or that 'looks' vintage. I'm happy to answer any questions about items on the website. Please do not let my 'All Sales Final' policy scare you off. I'm not a total tyrant, and I do make the occasional exception to the rule for valid reasons. The main purpose for that rule is to make sure that people are certain of their purchases, and because I feel very confident about my merchandise, my prices and my descriptions. 

Vintage clothing ratings - Everything on my website is wearable unless it is on the AS-IS pages
Excellent - I'm very stingy with calling something 'excellent' I only use that for clothing that I know is unworn or barely worn, nice and super crisp, with no or very minor flaws.
Very Good - near perfect, maybe a few minor flaws that don't detract from wearing. I may call something 'Very good to excellent condition' which would mean that it has been worn, but is still crisp with no flaws or a minor flaw.
Good condition - Still very nice and wearable, may have a few flaws. If you are very finicky, or self conscious about wearing something with somewhat noticeable flaws, you may want to pass on an item in good condition and stick to something that is in very good condition.
Fair or Poor - I have an 'AS-IS Damaged' item section on my website, and occasionally list AS-IS items on ebay. Those items are meant for collectors, costumers or people who like a good project to work on. These items show obvious wear and noticeable flaws. Most of those aren't wearable, or require alot of work to possibly make them wearable. 

Sizing - The best thing to do is to measure yourself. I list items by the measurements that they would fit, and not by dress size. Vintage items are usually unmarked, and sizes varied before they were regulated. Please allow extra room to move when taking your measurements. 

Cleaning - Everything on my website has been cleaned before it is listed. The exception would be older, delicate items. If it can get wet it has been through my washing machine or hand washed, which is probably 75% of my stock. Everything else has been drycleaned. I'm super sensitive to smells so nothing comes into my house before it is cleaned. 

Returns - Mine has always been an 'All Sales Final Policy'. But I do consider returns on a case to case basis. My items are accurately described & measured. If you have questions or doubts about an item, please email me. I stand behind my items and how I represent their age & condition. I have occasionally made honest oversights or mistakes when listing items. If you feel that an item has been misrepresented, then please contact me as soon as you receive the item and we will find a solution. Items have been measured twice for accuracy. I will not accept returns for items that do not fit, for color, or for buyer's remorse. 

Me - This is my fulltime job. I'm not someone who just decided to try to make money selling vintage with no knowledge or interest in vintage. I love vintage! I've been collecting and wearing vintage clothing for over 25 years. I grew up with parents who were part-time antique dealers, I worked in retail 10+ years. This background has given me experience with antique items and how to run a good business. This website has been online since 1997 and was one of the first vintage websites. I'm in this for the long haul. I work hard and take pride in my business and I strive to have happy customers. 

Ordering information - Please email me with anyquestions about the items or about shipping before you place your order. Please use the secure shopping cart for placing your order.