Antique White Cotton Petticoat Victorian with longer back, Dotted Swiss Trim, large drawstring waist, issues


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Antique White Cotton Petticoat Victorian with longer back, Dotted Swiss, large drawstring waist, issues

ERA: True vintage item from the 1800s
MEASUREMENTS: the item is 36 inches long, the drawstring waist is 50 inches around, will fil most sizes, full hips
MATERIAL: cotton
LABEL: none
CLEANING: hand washed
Long white cotton petticoat that is slightly longer in the back. It has a big drawstring waist that could fit multiple sizes. Trim around the lower skirt that you can run ribbon through. White dotted Swiss trim gathered around the hem with embroidery and cut work bottom edge.
CONDITION: The petticoat is in good condition with issues. There is a large tear on the dotted trim in the front and the trim is also loose from the skirt needing to be resewn in several spots. There is a very long tear on the back of the skirt along the back seam and opening for the drawstring. The large tear angles away from the back seam. On the back opening there are 2 old patches and a 1/2 inch hole. Some scattered pin dot size holes and age spots. There are some areas along the seams that need to be resewn.





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Height 12.00
Depth 1.00
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